Village Park
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Village Park

New Planning Protection for Barwon Heads Village Park Secured.


The BHA has been advocating for many months to secure greater planning protection for the Barwon Heads Village Park to ensure the park’s open space and character is protected for future generations to enjoy. Thank you to the over 500 community members who supported these efforts signing a petition to council and to the local community groups who supported the BHA submission to COGG. 

The Geelong Council recently adopted the Barwon Heads Village Master Plan with all of our requested inclusions:

  • A Vision – to preserve the park’s open space, environment and character.
  • A statement of landscape significance to protect the landscape from overdevelopment.
  • Building design guidelines.
  • Actions to direct planning to protect open space and character.

We have been advised by the City of Greater Geelong that an Significant Landscape Overlay would not be applied to this public parkland due to its small size but protection is provided in the Geelong Planning Scheme which references the Barwon Heads Village Park as the guiding planning document. We thank the Geelong City Council for listening to their community.