Pedestrian Safety
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Pedestrian Safety

Are you one of the many people concerned about pedestrian safety in Barwon Heads?

We are.  Association members have identified these “Hot Spots”.

1. The Bridge Precinct  (VicRoads & Council)

  • the Bridge intersection Flinders Pde/Ewing Blythe Rd
  • the crossing opposite hotel (dangerous poor design)

 2. Hitchcock  Ave/ Bridge Rd precinct (VicRoads & Council)

  • Hitchcock Ave/Bridge Rd roundabout (dangerous for pedestrians)
  • Bridge rd/Golf links Rd corner (poor visibility)

3.    Hitchcock Ave (Council)

  • Clifford Pde & Hitchcock Ave entrance (driver behavior)
  • Uniting Church across to doctor’s  surgery & Starfish (Speed)
  • community market on Saturdays (very poor visibility crossing the road)
  • new development of shops on corner of Ozone Rd (will increase stress in this area)

 4. APCO corner/Geelong Rd going east to Hitchcock Ave (VicRoads but mainly Council)

  • Skate Park, Bowling Club, Tennis courts (significant increase in usage by juniors tennis club now has 80 juniors on Friday night)
  • Training on ovals for athletics, cricket, soccer on Friday nights and weekends, new kinder traffic into Geelong Rd and general pedestrian usage to the park and from the river.

 5. 13th Beach Rd (Council & Barwon Coast)

  • (no pedestrian paths from golf club track to surf club),
  • pedestrian crossing at surf club has been removed

 6. 13th Beach Golf Club to Barwon Heads (VicRoads)

  • no path at all 

We are currently working with City of Greater Geelong, VicRoads and Barwon Coast to address these very real concerns.