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School is back and we seem to be a much quieter in town. What a wonderful weekend for the Cadel race last weekend and what a joy to be able to watch our beautiful part of the world looking so extraordinary. We now have the golf at 13th Beach and more visitors.

It has been nice to be able to get a table at our favourite coffee places, and to walk to the Bluff without being run over by electric scooters. We know that Jetty Jumping is a ritual for young and old but wonder whether there are other ways to take risks and have fun without being reckless.

Another wonderful Talking Heads for you to read:

Please forward this link to your friends on the Bellarine.
Thank you again Trish, for publishing this wonderful magazine for Barwon Heads and another amazing photo on the cover. Great recipes for the rest of summer.

OUR MARCH MEETING -18TH MARCH 7:00PM (Barwon Heads Arts Hub)

We have organized for Amber Clarke to attend the first Barwon Heads Association Members Meeting for March.

Amber is the new CEO of the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority based in Colac and Geelong area.

We have suggested she speak about the Ramsar wetlands near Barwon Heads especially Lake Connewarre (in relation to development around the edges), storm water and climate change. Amber will also talk about the Barwon River and will bring along slides of the area.


Our President Philip Bade with Vice President Colin Bridges met with our member for the Bellarine Alison Marchant. We appreciate being given the opportunity to discuss issues which arise as the government review some of their policies and how they may affect Barwon Heads and the Bellarine in general. We are particularly concerned about Plan Victoria – “the new plan for Victoria that will build on Victoria’s Housing Statement and set out the next steps to address the state’s 2050 housing and land use needs, while supporting jobs growth, protecting the environment, and ensuring Victoria is more resilient to climate change” and we repeated our concerns about the changes to the local government act regarding the introduction of single councilor wards.

Here are extracts from the letter we received from Alison following our meeting:

Public Transport – I have continued to liaise with the new Public and Active Transport Minister Gab Williams, advocating for improvements to public transport services for the Bellarine, including bus services and ferry services.

Her portfolio now encompasses ‘active transport’ which will also give greater emphasis on active trails for cycling and walking, which are very important to our communities.

Planning – Planning has long been a matter of strong public interest across the Bellarine. This year the Minister will be engaging with communities, as part of a new phase for ‘Plan Victoria’. There will be an opportunity for community members to engage and I have requested the Minister visit the Bellarine, to ensure your views are heard.
Grants – Recently opened regional grants have had a tourism and agricultural focus.

The Enabling Tourism Fund is aimed at projects which need support to get them “shovel ready”, and can include First People’s led experiences, wellness, arts and culture, food and drink or nature. I have contacted stakeholders who have shown interest in growing ideas, and I would encourage the CBCA to promote this grant to individuals, businesses or groups you think may benefit from the opportunity.

Vic Grown – Regional Activation Grants Program is aimed at promoting and increasing local awareness and consumption of Victorian food and beverages. Given the fantastic array of producers on the Bellarine, this grant represents some exciting local possibilities. I have met with several interested stakeholders, who are working towards an application. If you know of any agri-businesses or food producers that may be interested to learn more, please ask them to contact my office.

Roads – There has been a particular emphasis on roads recently, and I am in regular contact with the Minister for Roads and Road Safety regarding this matter, as well as discussing projects that are in the planning stages. The local Bellarine Police Station have also been receptive to my concerns regarding speeding and dangerous behaviour on certain roads. Members of the community can also suggest a location for speed/road safety cameras if you believe there are areas that could benefit from increased observation. I would encourage anyone with concerns regarding a specific area to submit a submission via this link: Suggest a road safety camera location

Environment – The Port Phillip Bay Coastal Hazard Assessment has been released and further information can be found here: DEECA Coastal Programs I have requested briefings from the Department, with a focus on impacts on the Bellarine. I would be happy to request a briefing for the CBCA, if it would be of interest. I also know there is great interest in the RAMSAR site boundaries review. I do not yet have a timeline for the Minister’s decision, but I understand that further community engagement will be undertaken to explain the outcomes to the community. I have advocated for the inclusion of community stakeholders in that process, and I will be in touch when I have more information.


The Barwon Water Sewer Upgrade Project is about to commence. There is an update by Barwon Water in Barwon Heads on Thursday 8 February between 5.30 and 7.30 pm at Barwon Heads Bowling Club (Barwon Heads Community Park).
For more information check this website: 👉

Barwon Coast has posted this notice about Jetty Jumping:

Did you know the depth of water at the Barwon Heads Jetty can be less than 50cm? Whilst the thrill of leaping into the water can be tempting, there are serious risks involved:
🌊 Strong currents straight out to sea
🌊 Jumping into the boating channel. The Jetty is right next to the Boating Channel that guides crafts in and out of the Heads
🌊 Hazards underwater that you can’t see
🌊 Shallow water and sand banks… just 1m to the left might be totally different conditions underwater!

2024 Duck Race – this will be held on Easter Saturday (more details in March).

Barwon Heads Opportunity Shop – doesn’t want donations until wed 7th Feb. Great that they are so busy, what a great summer.

For 2024 we will continue to engage on strengthening planning rules and integrating the DAL into local planning regulations.