BHA General Meeting June 20 – 7pm
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BHA General Meeting June 20 – 7pm

Water – Our Challenge Barwon Water “Water for the Future Report” – 

7pm Monday 20th June 2022 at the Senior Citizens, Clifford Parade, Barwon Heads.    

Representatives from Barwon Water will address our next meeting and addressing some of the challenges facing our future water supply on the Bellarine

Our climate is changing; it is getting hotter and drier.
Less rainfall has a direct impact on our region’s water supplies.
A warmer and drier climate also affects our region’s environment – reduced flows down rivers creates stress on our waterways and ecosystems plus longer, drier summers affect liveability.
Demand for water is increasing: we need to find or save up to 5 billion litres of water – over and above the 35 billion litres our region currently uses – every five years for the next 50 years.
This challenge presented an exciting opportunity to rethink where our water comes from and how we use water and design a new water future for our region.
A future that not only ensures enough water comes out of the tap, but also harnesses the value of water to support healthy, sustainable, liveable and prosperous communities now and for years to come.

Following the recent Sewage Pipe failure in Barwon Heads, our speakers will also be discussing the failure and what works have occurred.

All welcome – please come and join us for an educational and informative evening.